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DevOps Engineer (Middle / Senior)

Должность : DevOps Engineer (Middle / Senior)
Город : Нижний Новгород
Организация : Wiley
прямой работодатель
Занятость : полная занятость
Образование : среднее специальное
Опыт работы : более года
Зарплата :

Контактное лицо: Крылова Валерия
Телефон : +79160722958
Email : Написать письмо


• Experience with Linux, UNIX administration, troubleshooting and scripting.

• Experience in Virtualization using tools such as VMWare, Xen, etc.

• Experience with Containerization technologies as Docker, Kubernetes.

• Experience in administering application servers, servlet containers, and web servers (Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, JBoss AS)

• Experience of working with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, etc.)

• Experience with DevOps practices: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and tools:

- version control systems (Git, Subversion, etc.), including branching and merging strategies.

- software build (Maven, Gradle, npm, pip, etc.)

- configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Saltstack etc.)

- infrastructure provisioning (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.)

- logging for a DevOps pipeline (ELK, Dynatrace, NewRelic, etc.)

• Experience in DevOps pipeline metrics, triggers and monitoring (for feedback within the pipeline)

• Experience with the OPS side of DevOps: integrations to Operations services for defect tickets, config. mgmt., production monitoring, security/PEN.

• Experience with databases and message brokers.

• Solid understanding of networking concepts, modern and currently used network protocols.

• Good understanding of Release Management.

• Strong problem solving and technical appreciation skills.

• Highly organized and detail oriented with analytical and good organizational and time management skills.

Technical and business competencies

• Strong problem solving and technical appreciation skills.

Self-management competencies

• Self-starter, highly organized and detail oriented with analytical mind and time management skills.

Corporate benefits

• Opportunities for professional and career growth;

• Compliance with Russian labor Law;

• Corporate medical insurance;

• Sports activities and corporate events;

• Technical and business related trainings;

• Friendly atmosphere;

• English classes;

• Salary will be discussed individually with the successful candidate.

Office location: Nizhny Novgorod, Varvarskaya 40.

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